Tailgating Tips to Elevate Your Game

Tailgating tips

There’s no better way to enjoy a game at the stadium than with some good old-fashioned tailgating. Here are some helpful tailgating tips to improve your event.

The Grill

Designate one of your friends to be in charge of the grill. He or she can provide the grill, tools and take over cooking duties. Everyone else should contribute their favorite meat, enough for a few people. This way, one person doesn’t have to cover the bill for the main course.

The Beer

Always check the stadium’s tailgating guidelines to make sure alcohol is permitted. Designate another friend to be in charge of the beer and coolers. Have one large cooler full of ice to keep things cold and add a little dry ice to the bottom to keep the ice from melting. Then have another cooler with ice for drinking. The beer guy can bring one beer for everybody; a mini-keg works great, too. Then everyone else can bring a six pack of their favorite brand to share.

The Location

Have another friend stake out the spot. A 10-by-10-foot canopy tent is the perfect space to sit and eat in the shade. Have everyone bring a bag chair to sit in.

Another friend can be in charge of music. To save your truck’s battery life, bring a boombox or portable speakers.

And don’t forget the games. Cornhole is the champion of tailgating and back yard shindigs, so make sure someone throws a set in the back of the truck. You can also bring a football to toss around.

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