Essential Spring Car Maintenance

spring car maintenance

Believe it or not, spring is here once again, and that means it’s time to spend a little time maintaining your vehicle. And while major issues should usually be addressed by a trained technician at our dealership, there is plenty of spring car maintenance you can handle right in your own driveway.


As the only contact point between your vehicle and the road, it’s hard to over-stress the importance of your car’s tires. As changing temperatures can cause air in your car’s tires to expand and contract, it’s important to regularly check on tire pressure, alignment, and tread so that your car always performs as well as possible under any conditions.


Wet winter weather can put your car’s windshield wipers through a lot, so it’s a good idea to make sure they haven’t taken any heavy damage in the spring. If they’re bent, cracked, or just not working well, it’s time to replace them.


Cooler winter weather can quickly drain a car battery, so it’s always a good idea to test your car’s battery in spring to make sure it can still hold a good charge. If not, it’s best to replace it now, so you don’t wind up stranded.

If your car needs service, bring it over to Dewey Barber Chevrolet. Our team of technicians will be happy to help you get back on the road.

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