Back To School Car Care For Parents And Students

back to school car care

We’re creeping up on back-to-school time, which means it’s time for undergrads to get back to campus! Whether you’re the proud parent of a college student or you’re a college student yourself, here are some essential tips on back to school car care.

Check and maintain fluid levels

If you’re taking a road trip to head back to school, check your vehicle’s fluid levels before you leave. Essential levels to check are: oil, coolant, brakes, power steering and transmission. Proper fluid levels are essential in getting you safely back to school. Once you’re at school, be sure to regularly check and maintain these levels.

Monitor tire pressure

It’s important to regularly check the PSI of your vehicle’s tires, as proper tire pressure is what helps keep your car safely on the road. Check the tire pressure before your trip back to school, and then about once a month during the school year.

Pack an emergency kit

Stay prepared by packing an emergency kit and keeping it in the trunk of your car. Some items to include are: a first aid kit, tool kit, jumper cables, flashlight, hazard triangle and anything else that might help you in the case of an on-road emergency. 

Test battery

Test your vehicle’s battery charge before and while you’re at school. Car batteries eventually lose their power, just as other batteries do. If the battery is showing a weak charge, consider replacing it.

Before you head off to school, schedule a maintenance check at Dewey Barber Chevrolet. Our trained technicians will make sure your vehicle is ready for the new semester.

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