Cookout Tips To Turn You Into The Ultimate Grill Master

Cookout tips

Summertime in Alabama is the perfect time for a cookout. Whether you’re packing up the grill in your Chevy Silverado to take a camping journey, or tailgating for a game come fall, these cookout tips will help you become the ultimate grill master.

Master tools = Master Chef

To truly become the king or queen of the grill, you’ll need to have the right tools. Large tongs are recommended (about 16 inches) to help keep you safe, while grilling gloves can protect you from the heat. Bring along other tools as needed, like a skewer and a spatula.

Two-tiered rack

If you have a traditional charcoal grill with one rack layer, consider adding another layer that will fit onto it. This will allow you to cook food at two different heat settings and to rotate food around when needed.

Use a thermometer

Don’t underestimate the power of a meat thermometer. Knowing the temperature of the food you’re cooking helps ensure everyone is safe. You can also look up the ideal serving temperature of each type of meat to elevate your cooking and guarantee guests will come back for more.

Bring along outdoor speakers

Get the grill party going by blasting music through outdoor speakers. Even if you’re in a parking lot or on a campsite, the Chevy Silverado’s built-in power outlet in the truck bed makes it easy to play your grilling soundtrack.

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